Wolfenstein: The New Order

Feb 12 Spike  
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A highly recommended game. As an old school gamer, more and more often in modern times, we find ourselves disappointed by long awaited sequels. However, the year of 2014 has been a great one for those long disappointed gamers. In the past year we have seen a multitude of great sequels released. For now I will just concentrate on one game that really caught my eye. It’s not often I find the story in a game so engrossing that I feel compelled to play the game right through to the end even in the face of seemingly impossible bosses, but the more I played the game, the more hooked I was.


The added abilities like sliding under obstacles to escape from harm. The laser cutting tools you use to get into places that would otherwise be out of bounds or to open crates. And then there are the turrets which you can remove and carry around to unleash havoc on the enemy and the artillery mounts which are great fun. There are also things you can do along the way which are optional, like shooting up the massive Nazi war machine on the beach with one of the artillery mounts, which actually triggers a response from Fergus, your comrade at arms. There are also some nostalgic remnants from the original game included, like the ability to sleep in a certain bed (labelled in the game “Nightmare”), which triggers a mini -game of the original Wolfenstein 3D, a game made way back in 1992, but an epic and amazingly fun game, and a nice added touch to this game.

There are also the traditional secret areas and Nazi gold hidden about the levels, and some very interesting missions involving, mini subs, stealing a U-Boat, running about on a plane doing varies things (including ultimately jumping onto the wing of another plane), some very smooth stealth, prison breaks, giant bosses and tough brutally hard decisions to make. The story is also hugely engrossing, with the setting being that the Nazi`s won the war and control the world. As B.J. Blazkowicz, you find yourself taking on the tasking of freeing the resistance from the Nazi prison camps and helping them to rise up against the Nazi war machine. Along the way, you will witness romance, tragedy, suffering, torment, intense action and some shocking enemies and a buffet of vengeance. The only downside to this game was the slightly disappointingly short campaign, which took only roughly 14 hours to complete. It also excludes a multi-player mode. It is however a hugely enjoyable and morbidly satisfying game, complimented by a terrific sound track and gritty aura. If you choose to buy this game, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I highly recommend it. Good job ID.


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