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Dec 20 Spike  
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State of decay is uniquely styled zombie apocalypse game, in which you gradually build up an entourage of survivors, build facilities to feed them, protect them from zombie horde`s, train them with gyms to improve their fitness levels, build garages to repair vehicles and workshops to build new weapons, keep a watch on building supplies, sleeping space, food, infections and morale. Drive around in a variety of vehicles and rescue survivors to increase your entourage, or just have fun driving through zombie horde`s and using you car door to bounce them into houses etc. Be careful though, you break a vehicle and it will stay broken until you fix it. Or choose to get out and run around on foot; The hand to hand combat is hugely satisfying and great fun, but again be careful, if you become overwhelmed and get killed, your character will be gone forever. This allows for setting yourself additional game challenges like trying to keep every survivor alive and let no-one die. And helps to give the game a really lifelike feel, since every decision can have dire consequences.


Scout out area`s from vantage points and collect supplies, build a wide variety of weapons, and specialize your survivors for different tasks. Make area`s safe, switch homesteads and upgrade the walls and defenses and just enjoy the story as it unfolds. Maintain weapons as they degrade to prevent them from falling apart, watch your stamina levels and even train yourself to be a more proficient runner, fighter or a variety of other traits. Barricade windows to slow the zombie attack, close doors and set up bombs and mines. Throw molotov cocktails and grenades, shoot a variety of weapons and then start swinging with your melee weapon. With special attacks and dodges, the combat is surprisingly smooth and compliments the overall strategy of the game.


The one downside of this game was the lack of a multiplayer mode, which would have worked well with the existing entourage system, but overall a highly recommended game; engrossing story and massively entertaining combat.


About Spike

Hi all. You may know me as Guardian101, Prisoner146, Monk169 or the Spirit Guardian from game to game, but my true alias is Spike. I am the founder of this clan and the author of the upcoming novel The Guardians, the book which gives this clan it`s name. Extracts from the book will be released for free to clan members in the upcoming months via the clan website and should you so choose, you may pick the name of one of the characters from the story as part of the clan. In time we also wish to start a kickstarter project to create our own game also titled The Guardians, but telling the story from the perspective of another.

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