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Feb 12 Spike  
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This review was originally postponed due to the large number of bugs and broken features in the original release version of the game.

While the latest patch (1.3) adds a lot of features and also fixes a lot of issues, the game is fundamentally flawed in design, with most of your time being spent flying in a straight line towards a station which could be as much as an hour and forty minutes away, with no chance of anything happening due to the universal hyperspace speed limit (all ships accelerate at the same speed). On top of this, loosing your Internet connection will cause you to drop out of hyperspace and subsequently spend another 15 minutes accelerating up to speed. The AI are worse pilots than you would expect from a blind dog with Parkinsons.


About Spike

Hi all. You may know me as Guardian101, Prisoner146, Monk169 or the Spirit Guardian from game to game, but my true alias is Spike. I am the founder of this clan and the author of the upcoming novel The Guardians, the book which gives this clan it`s name. Extracts from the book will be released for free to clan members in the upcoming months via the clan website and should you so choose, you may pick the name of one of the characters from the story as part of the clan. In time we also wish to start a kickstarter project to create our own game also titled The Guardians, but telling the story from the perspective of another.

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