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Nov 24 Spike  
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Arma 2 with the addition of the ACE mod, is the definitive war simulator. Incorporating not only drop and elevation, but also windage (ACE mod) to your shots, creating a real challenge for those looking for the ultimate sniper experience. Equip your army with a massive variety of tools, weapons, equipment, tanks, helicopters, boats, air support, artillery, medical supplies, civilian vehicles, outfits (including various ghillie suits) and remote controlled UAV`s. Use devices such as one of the various digital range finders, or the Kessler wind meter, to help gauge your long range shots.

Engage in day or night missions, stealth missions, create randomly generated warzones in which you can build facilities and weapon mounts etc, call in supplies and command separate teams of units AI or player controlled. With the ACE mod installed another big feature is the injury system, which is one the most advanced in the world, with players able to: break arms from high speed car crashes, break legs from falls, bandage other players after suffering wounds from gunfire and shrapnel, administer epinephrine to get other players on their feet or morphine to help reduce pain.

Weapons are also all customisable with various different standard, thermal and nightvision scopes, undermounted grenade launchers and different types of ammunition available for almost all of the multitude of weapons. Vehicles also take fairly realistic damage and can be repaired by mechanical units. There are also airbourne paratrooper missions, which are great fun, a variety of silenced weapons for stealth missions, and a nice selection of outfits for existing missions and to aid with creating your own should you so wish. The included editor in the game is reasonably easy to use and only requires advanced knowledge for the most complex functions (scripting events). The script is also a fairly nice logical structure and as scripts go is fairly easy to learn, allowing for some amazingly realistic and in-depth custom made missions.


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Hi all. You may know me as Guardian101, Prisoner146, Monk169 or the Spirit Guardian from game to game, but my true alias is Spike. I am the founder of this clan and the author of the upcoming novel The Guardians, the book which gives this clan it`s name. Extracts from the book will be released for free to clan members in the upcoming months via the clan website and should you so choose, you may pick the name of one of the characters from the story as part of the clan. In time we also wish to start a kickstarter project to create our own game also titled The Guardians, but telling the story from the perspective of another.

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